Shamanic Healing

painting by Lynn Berryhill

painting by Lynn Berryhill

Shamanic Healing is a 10,000 year old energy healing art. At the core of its teachings is healing of the Light Body, also known as the Luminous Energy Field (LEF).

The Light Body consist of 7 main chakras and the Energy Field that surrounds the physical body, much like what we would call the human aura today. This matrix of energy holds the records of all your emotional, physical, and spiritual endeavors and acts as a blueprint for your life, the software that controls your hardware and determines much of how you heal.

Repetitive patterns of thought, chronic behaviors, emotional trauma and day to day life experiences are all imprinted into your energy field. These energetic imprints often need healing as they become heavy and keep you trapped re-living the same old stories, same old drama, illness and disease even through generations.

The 4 Directions

Shamanic Healing works with the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel – North, East, West, South with each direction having specific energy medicine that can be called upon for healing.

The South medicine, symbolized by the Serpent, can assist you to let go of your past, release the old stories and the old roles you have played, you know the ones they keep you repeating the same things over and over again.

The West medicine, symbolized by the Jaguar, can help you break free from fear, doubt and uncertainty that is keeping you stuck from moving forward in life. It is about extracting trapped energy from your LEF. The West medicine also works with past lives, family generational issues and unwanted energies you may have picked up along the way.

The North medicine, symbolized by the Hummingbird, helps you find the courage you need to journey through life. It helps you find a new direction, your true north, your souls calling. Anciently this was known as a soul retrieval where you retrieve part of yourself that became lost through trauma or emotional pain.

The East medicine, symbolized by the Eagle, helps you to rebirth yourself, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, with a newly created story, one that empowers you to step into who you truly are and who you are becoming in the future with clarity and vision.

Shamanic Healing session

In a shamanic healing session we first identify the various energy imprints you have going on in your Light Body. We then use various healing techniques to help shift and clear the imprints and illuminate the chakras.

There are several shamanic healing techniques that may be used.

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Shamanic Healing Techniques

  • fire ceremony
  • harmonic attunements
  • decoupling
  • chakra balancing
  • energy extractions
  • chord cutting
  • symbolic death rites
  • soul retrieval
  • despacho ceremony