Shamanic Healing

Energy healing using the medicine wheel…

The shamanic healing work I do is a form of Energy Medicine that uses the modern day Medicine Wheel teachings to help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In a typical healing session we can:

  • Release negative energy
  • Remove unwanted energy
  • Retrieve lost energy
  • Repair damaged energy

We work with your Energy Field, which consists of your Aura and the 7 Chakras.

Your energy field holds a record of all your emotional, physical, and spiritual endeavors. Information gets recorded or imprinted into this field through your daily life experiences.

Clearing unwanted imprints from your energy field is at the core of the shamanic healing process. read more

Full Medicine Wheel Healing

medicine wheel healing

A complete medicine wheel healing is done over 5 sessions and takes you around the entire medicine wheel encompassing all four directions east, south, west and north with a fifth session in the centre of the medicine wheel know as the rainbow body.

Each direction is done in singular 1hr sessions with at least 1 week in-between.

We use the medicine stones from my “mesa” that have been transformed through the medicine wheel process into “kuyas”, or power stones, into which healing energy has been called and harnessed.

The medicine stones help you create new energy pathways, erase imprints of disease, help you break free of old generational patterns, and in a way “re-wire” your energy system for more joy, happiness and creativity

Here is an overview of each of the sessions.

1. east – fire medicineeast 250px

Your healing journey begins with east direction where the ancients saw the first light of the morning sun hitting the earth, hence the use of fire medicine to transform and bring light to something you want to heal.

This direction is represented by the archetype of the eagle who sores high above the mountain tops and has great clarity and vision.

I will guide you through a process known as the “projection cycle” to identify with clarity and foresight what you want to achieve and what you want to heal. We will use fire to transform the energy and an ancient energetic healing process called the “death rites” to leave behind the old ways.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes you will begin your journey anew.

2. south – earth medicinesouth 250px

Healing continues in the south direction where we look at physical healing and what is going on in your world, hence the use of earth medicine.

This direction is represented by the archetype of the serpent who realize on feeling the earth under her belly for survival.

You will be taken through an earth medicine process known as a “sand painting” where you get to hand over to mother earth that which you wish to let go of. We then use a energy healing process known as an “illumination” to clear your old stories, bringing you back into balance, into what we call “ayni”, or proper relationship, with all life, so that the Universe can work on your behalf again.

Like the great serpent that sheds it’s skin you will feel like you have a new energy body.

3. west – water medicinewest 250px

In the west direction the ancients saw the ocean swallowing the sun at night and the beginning of darkness, hence the use of water medicine to look at our own reflection and deal with our emotional self.

This direction is represented by the archetype of the jaguar who walks the jungle at night without fear.

I will guide you on a visualization journey to the great lakes where you will be able to see yourself in reflection on the waters. What you see in other is what you must own in yourself, your shadow. This is the direction where the biggest breakthrough comes. Only when you can own it can you heal it. We then use an energy healing process known as “an extraction” to remove energy from your Light Body that is keeping you trapped repeating the same old patterns over and over again.

4. north – air medicine north 250px

Finding your true north, your soul’s purpose, your direction in life and having the courage to take flight on the winds of change hence the use of air medicine.

This direction is represented by the archetype of hummingbird who travels a great distance every year on what seems like an impossible journey.

Using air medicine, or deep shamanic breathing techniques an the aroma of incense and oils, you will be guided through a “soul retrieval process” to bring back that part of you that sits in grace and holds the wisdom of your purpose in life. Soul contacts are changed, gifts and power animals are received, all to assist you on your healing journey.

5. middle – light medicine rainbow body

Having arrived at the middle of the medicine wheel your healing journey finishes with the activation of the rainbow body. This process involves cleansing, clearing, realigning and activating all seven of the rainbow coloured chakras.

We begin by cleansing and clearing away any heavy energy associated with each chakra individually, looking to see if any of the them are sluggish, not spinning correctly, out of alignment or just need some attention.

Once the chakras are cleared and aligned 7 individually selected crystals are placed inside the chakras to reset their colour frequency. A large quartz crystal harmonic bowl tuned to the resonate frequency of the earth is played to activate each chakra and complete the rainbow body healing process.

Prefer a individual 1hr healing session?

The medicine wheel healing techniques can be used for one off individual healing sessions as required.

Here are some of them:

  • sand paintings can help release energy when going through a tough time
  • 3 card stories will help you shift out of a place where you feel trapped
  • soul retrieval helps you find your direction in life
  • destiny retrieval can help you create what you want your life to become
  • deep energy field cleansing is used for when you don’t quiet feel “right”
  • harmonic attunements can re-balance your chakras and energy field
  • extraction process removes unwanted energy that may not be yours
  • cutting chords that are keeping you attached to other people and places
  • crystal healing can set your intention for what you want in stone
  • life / death rites help you move on from people, places and events
  • decoupling the flight or fight response is used to destress

How to know if you need a healing?

Here are some key questions to ask yourself.


  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Is something not quiet “right”?
  • Are you always getting sick, feeling tired or not coping?
  • Are you having troubles creating what you want in life?
  • Are you carrying someone’s energy?
  • Do you just feel called to experience the medicine wheel?

To make an appointment for a healing session give me a call on 0413 000 518 or send and email to

I look forward to working with you.