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“Providing people with alternative choices for their health and well-being.”

Shamanic Healing

Experience energetic healing, spiritual growth and personal insight using an ancient 10,000 year old energy healing art known as “The Medicine Wheel”.

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Health Coaching

Health coaching is about learning to make “Lifestyle Changes” that directly impact your health and well-being and the heal the state of dis-ease in the body.

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Hi, I’m Gary Dowse

health coach & shamanic healer

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from “afew” great masters of wisdom and healing over the past 20 years.

Since 1993, I have practiced various healing modalities; Reiki, Chinese Medicine, Health Coaching, Qigong and I have two black belts one in Kungfu and Taekwondo.

In 2011, I completed a 3 year Energetic Medicine training program with the Four Winds society under Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Their extensive Medicine Wheel training program and master healing classes specifically focused on healing the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that surrounds the physical body, using modern day shamanic medicine practices.

In 2012, I studied Wholefood Medicine with Don Tolman, author of the Farmicist Desk Reference. I have been guiding and educating people on using foods as medicine, fasting, juicing, detoxing and cleansing ever since.

I believe physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of oneself need to be addressed to truly heal.

If you are looking for an alternative approach to health and healing then I look forward to hearing from you.

Healthy regards,

gary dowse


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The 4 levels of Healing


Wholefood Medicine. You are what you eat, what you drink and what you put on your skin. What choices are you making?


Shamanic medicine helps release those stored emotional molecules of stress and pain that are the root cause of modern dis-ease.


Thoughts create feelings, feelings create behaviour and behaviour creates results. Change your thoughts, change your results.


Find your path, your passion, your soul’s purpose using the ancient 10,000 year old shamanic medicine wheel teachings.